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Nuclear Process Science Initiative (NPSI)

NPSI was a five-year research effort funded through Pacific Northwest National Laboratory's Laboratory Directed Research and Development program and completed in 2020.

NPSI advanced nuclear process science capabilities to meet national needs in environmental management, nonproliferation, and other areas.

This website contains information about NPSI’s research projects and accomplishments. Although the site is not now regularly updated, its content continues to be relevant to the nuclear process science research community.

Scientific Challenge

Vision:  Understand, harness, and exploit the interfacial phenomena controlling the behavior of materials in nuclear processing

Goal:  Change the paradigm for nuclear materials processing and enable new signatures

  • Discover new classes of signatures of nuclear materials processing
  • Manipulate complex systems to manage and control chemical processing of nuclear materials
  • Understand interfacial chemistry in harsh, complex environments to:
    • Control reactivity in radiation environments
    • Design interfaces that exploit this reactivity
    • Create self-healing materials and smart sensors.

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