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Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Outcomes: Particle-Filter Surface Interactions and Dynamics in the Presence of Cross-Flow

Principal Investigator: Richard Daniel 

Completed: FY18

Outcomes: With a goal of providing capabilities to enhance effectiveness and reduce time and cost associated with Hanford tank waste filtration, the project made progress on multiple fronts. Early on, a Filter Visualization Cell was designed and built for direct imaging of particle accumulations on filter elements. This, along with the project team's creation of chemically-representative waste simulants, made it possible to evaluate, at the bench-scale, crossflow and dead-end filter system performance. In the final year of the project, models were developed that offer new knowledge about gel-polarization in crossflow filters and fouling in dead-end filters--advances that help provide a predictive capability for filter performance and effectiveness. One of the project's additional benefits was a new collaborative relationship with Howard University. 

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