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Science Thrust 1: Linking Interfacial Phenomena to Bulk Properties

Understand and harness the chemical and physical driving forces controlling solid phase formation, agglomeration, and dissolution in harsh environments.

  • Dissolution of Spent Nuclear Fuel: An In-situ and Atomic Resolution TEM Study
    Principal Investigator: Edgar Buck
  • Correlation of Colloidal Interactions and Macroscopic Rheology in Concentrated Electrolyte Solutions
    Principal Investigator: Jaehun Chun
  • Fundamental Understanding of Nucleation Processes to Assess Solution Stability and Phase Growth and Genesis
    Principal Investigator: Gregg Lumetta
  • Particle-Filter Surface Interactions and Dynamics in the Presence of Cross-Flow
    Principal Investigator: Richard Daniel
  • Development of Phase Field Modeling to Predict Morphologies of Plutonium Oxalate Principal Investigator: David Abrecht

Science Thrust 2: Interfacial Phenomena Driving Chemical Fractionation

Discover and exploit the chemical and physical mechanisms controlling the formation, distribution, and influence of trace species during the processing of nuclear materials.

  • Modeling the Interfacial Effects, Partitioning, and Production Routes of Epsilon Particles in Uranium Oxide 
    Principal Investigator: Richard Clark
  • Interfacial Diffusion and CRUD Formation at the Liquid-Liquid Interface of Solvent Extraction Processes Research
    Principal Investigator: Amanda Casella
  • Monitoring Diffusion of Actinide Daughters and Granddaughters in Metals for Chronometer Applications
    Principal Investigator: Dallas Reilly
  • Ion Implantation and Characterization of Epsilon Metal Phase Formation in Ceria
    Principal Investigator: Ram Devanathan

Science Thrust 3: Radiation-driven Interfacial Reactivity

Using knowledge from Thrusts 1 & 2, advance new methodologies for linking models at different scales to anticipate problems and validate signatures in post reactor nuclear fuel processing.

  • Fundamental Insights into Gamma-Radiation Effects at Complex Oxide-Water Interfaces from First Principles Simulations
    Principal Investigator: Sebastien Kerisit
  • Development of a Rad AFM Capability  Principal Investigator: Greg Kimmel
  • Determining Radiolytic Transient Intermediates and Interfacial Species and Their Roles in Aluminum Oxyhydroxide Reactivity  Principal Investigator: Zheming Wang
  • Characterization of Radiation Induced Materials Defects Across Scales  Principal Investigator: Luke Sweet
  • Damage Mechanisms and Defect Formation in Irradiated Model Systems  Principal Investigator: Steven Spurgeon
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