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Initiative sponsors April 20 Navrotsky seminar at PNNL

Internationally-recognized scientist Alexandra Navrotsky of the University of California-Davis presented the seminar, "Lanthanides and Actinides - Why Thermodynamics Matter," at PNNL on April 20. Approximately 50 PNNL staff attended the event, which was sponsored by NPSI.

Dr. Alexander Navrotsky fields questions after her presentation.

Dr. Navrotsky discussed some of her current research, including molten oxide solution calorimetry, a unique approach for understanding the thermodynamics of some refractory materials. 

Dr. Navrotsky is interim dean of the UC-Davis College of Letters and Sciences' Department of Mathematical and Physical Sciences. She also directs the university's Nano and New Materials in Energy, the Environment, Agriculture, and Technology (NEAT) research group.

Her research interests have centered on relating microscopic features of structure and bonding to macroscopic thermodynamic behavior in minerals, ceramics, and other complex materials. Dr. Navrotsky has made major contributions to both mineralogy and geochemistry and to solid state chemistry/materials science in the fields of ceramics, mantle mineralogy and deep earth geophysics, melt and glass science, nanomaterials and porous materials.

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