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Paper and Graphic Earn Journal Cover

The paper, "Micro-Raman Technology to Interrogate Two-Phase Extraction on a Microfluidic Device," results from a collaboration between PNNL, the College of Idaho, Washington State University (WSU), and Spectra Solutions, a Small Business Innovation Research program partner.

The paper was authored by PNNL's Susan Asmussen and Amanda Lines, and visiting collaborator Gilbert Nelson from the College of Idaho. Co-authors were PNNL's Amanda Casella, Danny Bottenus, Sam Bryan and Sue Clark, who serves in a joint appointment with WSU.

PNNL graphic designer Rose Perry provided the cover image, which represents the authors working in a "lab-on-a-chip" to perform in-situ Raman spectroscopy and chemometric modeling of a biphasic nuclear chemical separation, demonstrating a successful application of in-situ process monitoring within a microfluidic channel. 

This methodology enables work with small sample volumes and obviates the need for further chemical treatment, both great benefits when conducting solvent extraction in the harsh environments associated with nuclear fuel cycle separations.

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