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Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Brienne Seiner

Deputy NPSI Lead, Scientist
Brienne Seiner
(509) 371-7614

Education and Credentials

  • Bachelor's Degree, Chemistry, Washington State University
  • Doctorate, Chemistry, University of Missouri

Affiliations and Professional Service

  • American Chemical Society
  • Division of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology – Member
  • Division of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology Strategic Planning Committee Member (2007)
  • University of Missouri - Chemistry Graduate Student Organization (2006-2010) Treasurer (2006- 2009)


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  • Zhang, Zhicheng; Bottenus (Seiner), Brienne; Clark, Sue B.; Tian, Guoxin; Zanonato, PierLuigi; Rao, Linfeng. Complexation of gluconic acid with Nd(III) in acidic solutions: A thermodynamic study. Journal of Alloys and Compounds (2007), 444-445 470-476.
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  • Pepper, Sarah E.; Bottenus (Seiner), Brienne N.; Hull, Larry C.; Shepler, Carrie G.; Clark, Sue B. The influence of simple organic ligands on the partitioning mechanism of trivalent lanthanum to goethite. ACS Symposium Series (2006), 933(Separations for the Nuclear Fuel Cycle in the 21st Century), 277-291.
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