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William C Isley III

Post Doctorate RA
William C Isley III
(509) 371-7809

William C. Isley III earned his Ph.D. in chemistry from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, under the advisement of Prof. Christopher J. Cramer. Will specializes in modeling the spectroscopy and reactivity of complex macromolecular systems, ranging from molecular cages, to proteins, to porous 3-D materials. These studies have used the spectroscopic signatures of molecular models to provide microscopic insight in many areas, such as intermolecular magnetic interactions, using oxide surfaces to deactivate nerve agents, the assignment of fluorine nuclear magnetic resonance in protein spectroscopy as probes for therapeutic agents, and the use of open metal sites to selectively separate gases. On all of these projects, Will has worked synergistically with colleagues to answer challenging questions with quantum chemical methods. At PNNL, Will is working on the nucleation and crystallization of plutonium oxalate nanoparticles.

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